Kiin, Modern Asian Dining, 73 Angas Street, Adelaide, 22 March 2023

Kiin (Thai for ‘eat’) is Adelaide’s newest Thai restaurant, with a modern (‘fusion’?) menu amid understated but tasteful and comfortable surroundings. It is just up from the court precinct, so if you don’t mind dining amid lawyers, there’ll be no problem. TVC visited one mild Autumn night, and were enchanted – nay, dazzled – by a very funky bill of fare.

We had: A BBQ Chicken thigh skewer, smoked and served in a light yellow curry, which was fragrant and full of heat;

A lychee prawn pop popper (pop in the mouth for a fizzing heavenly explosion) – see below:

The oyster was dressed with angels’ tears;

A White peach ‘som tum’ salad had, tomato, chilli, peanuts, pear;

Stir-fried rice cakes, ‘pad prik king’, pork crackle, with herbs and

a very modern take on a Chicken Maryland dish (no battered banana and pineapple fritters here!)…washed down with:

Pol Roger ‘Brut’, a good Chenin Blanc, and a Pierre-Marie Chermette Beaujolais.

TVC had a minor quibble about an aspect of one dish – a higher-up dealt with it with a courtesy that is rare these days.




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