Why Joe Ain’t Claude

April 29, 2018 | Posted by Peter Jakobsen | ART, Ulalume |

JMW Turner had talent. No doubt. What he lacked were brains and application. His early work confirms his ability; his much-vaunted later ‘masterpieces’ are, in our humble opinion, travesties. Turner venerated Claude Lorrain, as he should. Compare any of JMW’s harbour-side daubs with this beauty by Claude, (main image, at the Frick Collection in NYC) and judge for yourself who takes the honours. Really, even Claude at is worst is superior: compare his mediocre ‘Delphi’ (1673)… …with Joe’s messy meteorological smudge, adding some badly-drawn figures as icing, of Aosta, (“Snowstorm, Avalanche & Thunderstorm”), both works @ the superb Art Institute Chicago:

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Art Institute Chicago as an Exemplar of the Decline of Western Civilisation

April 19, 2018 | Posted by Peter Jakobsen | ART, Ulalume |

Art Institute, @ Chicago & in general, April 2018 – What happened? We have skirted this issue before, in referring to the decline and the sorry state of things…. The World of Art has ceded its sacred task of conveying that which is not you, to you, and so crossing the bridge from feeling to meaning. Instead, it has become a Tower of Babel; full of lies, laziness, cynicism, and opportunism. And here’s some hard evidence of the course of decline, using the great store of the canonical contained in Chicago (and beyond) with the, alas, equally abundant tat: Would you…

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The Course of Empire

April 11, 2018 | Posted by Peter Jakobsen | ART, Ulalume |

Met, NYC, April 2018 Thomas Cole’s famous 5-painting warning against hubris (1833-1836) becomes ever more relevant: The Savage State (there is a worse fate); Arcadia (post-Rousseau, not the way to go); Consummation of Empire (tipping point, trip wire); Destruction (build and lose escutcheon); Desolation (it comes to every nation). Thomas Cole was not a fun guy, but he knew a thing or two about declination, like Spengler…

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“My Job is My Number One Priority”

February 18, 2018 | Posted by Peter Jakobsen | Australian Politics, POLITICS, Ulalume |

Actually, to be fair, the Premier didn’t say that – his campaign ad launch stated SA jobs were his number-one priority. We guess that’s right. Only – do you feel better off than you did 16 years ago, when a ‘paedophile-hunter’ and self-confessed murderer decided, after having ‘searched his soul,’ to throw the keys of government to the Labor party? They tinkered with the market and feather-bedded it to death.  They sand-bagged to weak levies till we all are fit to drown. Now this, “jobs, jobs jobs” after 16 years of “mass misery, mass tedium, mass impotence, mass lifelessness…Cathedrals to…

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On 13 February 2008, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made the following statement in the Hosue of Representatives, Canberra: “I move: That today we honour the Indigenous peoples of this land, the oldest continuing cultures in human history. We reflect on their past mistreatment. We reflect in particular on the mistreatment of those who were Stolen Generations—this blemished chapter in our nation’s history. The time has now come for the nation to turn a new page in Australia’s history by righting the wrongs of the past and so moving forward with confidence to the future. We apologise for the laws and policies…

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