An American Deity

Young he was and sound ‘in wind and limb’,

Fit and tanned, bareheaded, toothy, slim,

Rich he was of vocabulary and purse,

Bore away he be in a wagon, not a hearse,

Draped in a flag his form, of garish stripes and stars

Followed slowly by lesser men in motor cars.


It all began they say, in a killing frost,

A cold replicated later when he was lost,

Abbreviated poesy marked the spot

On which commenced the reign of Camelot,

Where a bogus royalty came into view

As desideratum, thus embraced as true.

















We revel in our freedoms howe’er expressed

But seem neither offended nor depressed

By those to whom the title ‘Born to Rule’

Applies; from journalist to scholar, foe to fool

The dust of glamour thrown into the skies

Blurs such lines and tidily binds our eyes.


Official portrait of JFK by Aaron Shikler







What quality should leaders most possess,

Strength, grace, honesty, success?


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