4 Simple Steps to Edging a Blanket

May 19, 2015 | Posted by Lesley Jakobsen | Annabel Lee, CRAFT, Crochet |

"Where to begin?" (photo by Martineznotte)

Today I shall share my tips on how to edge a stripey crochet blanket in four simple steps:- 1) Be inspired by the marvellous blanket crocheted by Julie of Little Woollie. 2)  Whip up a blanket of your own. That’s the first few rows of my second stripey blanket to the left, and part of the first one on the right, under the bits and pieces of a wreath in progress. I have used 8-ply or DK yarn and a 4mm hook.  Notice the beautiful  red, pink and aqua flower next to the crochet hook?  That was a little extra sent to me by Julie when I ordered some wool from her (overall excellent service…

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Vivienne Westwood

Just plain bad. (I hear you Mum)

  (by Vivienne Westwood and Ian Kelly) It is no secret that, ever since I read “From A to Biba” and “Quant by Quant”, there has been a special place in my daydreams for an assuredly idealised and somewhat chronologically inaccurate 1970s King’s Road, London.  I’ve often imagined  bobbing into  Biba for some knee-boots  and popping into Mary Quant for some pop-art makeup*. But until I read this bio/auto-bio, I never, but never, envisaged wandering into Dame Vivienne’s “Worlds End” store on that same blue-skyed Saturday morning.  Perhaps because it is in such  a different world altogether from the non-challenging swinging London I…

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Time Slip

"Let's Meet at Biba!"

  I once thought I would like to wear a graceful chiton draped over one arm and ascend the shining steps to the Parthenon in Athens’ Golden Age.  Certainly some of that sentiment has inspired my choice to learn Ancient Greek.  However, when I thought a bit more about the role of women at that time I imagined that I might do better nibbling on pastries as I am fitted for wardrobe by  Marie-Antoniette’s couturiers –  but that time had its problems too. You will note that my historical imaginings are far more concerned with the fashion of the time than any…

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The February Teacosy

February 24, 2015 | Posted by Lesley Jakobsen | Annabel Lee, CRAFT, Crochet |

I decided against the subtle Victorian look – I just cannot stick to pales.   So this second teacosy, is rather like the first – but even busier.   The instructions are here and here.  If I am to make one teacosy a month this year I need some new ideas,  or I will have twelve all pretty much the same.  Can anyone give me some inspiration? pp

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Classical Greek at the WEA

February 18, 2015 | Posted by Lesley Jakobsen | Annabel Lee, HISTORY |

A Greek manuscript accidentally "aged" with WEA hot chocolate.

I have  attended many WEA courses over the years – languages, silk painting, photoshopping, website wrangling, grasshopper breeding.  At present I am  trying to be a good girl and diligently do my homework during the hiatus between the WEA year long courses in Ancient Greek I and Ancient Greek II.  But Great Zeus!  drilling oneself in Middle Voice Progressive Participles is  boring, and as for  Thematic Second Aorist Active Imperatives!!  I can’t wait for the term to start in late February.  Our teacher, Dr Alessandro Boria from Rome is a polyglot of great patience and good cheer. The dozen or so stalwarts who completed…

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