Contempt on Peptides

May 2, 2017 | Posted by Guest Reviewer | AUSTRALIANIA, LIFE |

10 Ways the Australian Football League conglomerate shows its contempt for grass roots football Despite various subterfuges and secretagogues to hide it, the AFL:- 1.Endlessly tinkers (ludicrously) with rules of the game during the summer, abandons them in the regular season, but maintains their imposition on the so-called lower leagues. 2. Sets its competition, not around fairness, but around TV Scheduling. 3. Swamps us with so much advertising (for fast food, beer and gambling) on such a high rotation, that nausea ensues. 4. Provides nil local coverage. 5. Doesn’t bother to provide local scores. 6. Rapes and pillages young talent whilst imposing trickle-down funding of below-subsistence…

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All Summer Long

April 27, 2017 | Posted by Guest Reviewer | Modern Music, MUSIC |

Songs in Our Heart # 80 All Summer Long (by Kid Rock) (written by Edward King, Leroy Marinell, Robert Ritchie (Kid Rock), Gary Rossington, Matthew Shafer, Johnny Van Zant, Robert Wachtel and Warren Zevon; released April 2008) [From a genius – let’s say, an evil genius – idea by Mike E. Clark, the Kid’s ‘charming’, ‘folksy’ nostalgic hymn to underage sex and substance abuse is rendered all the more creepy by combining it with samples from Sweet Home Alabama and Werewolves of London. This trailer-park-trash mashup shoulda been a disaster, but nooooo!!!  No wonder Kirstie Alley loves the Kid!]

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Daydream Believer

April 16, 2017 | Posted by Guest Reviewer | Modern Music, MUSIC |

Songs in Our Heart # 79 Daydream Believer (by the Monkees) (written by John Stewart; released October 1967) [There are people out there turning music into gold. John Stewart’s pop-slice of domestic life under stress was turned into a bubblegum dream, which is actually a production masterpiece, with muffled drums, slightly doctored piano, a lush use of strings, fine harmonies, and a soaring trumpet finale by Shorty Rogers. Anyone over forty-five is prone to get wobbly with nostalgia when Davy Jones trills “Cheer up, Sleepy Jean.”  As producer Chip Douglas reminds everyone, this number is “Seven-A!”  Seven-A, Shorty!!]

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Six Types of Ennui

April 12, 2017 | Posted by Guest Reviewer | Fiction, Ulalume |

"Moral Ambiguity" by Ian Sane

“Dear The Varnished Culture, As requested, we enclose a transcript from our media monitoring service of the interview promoting Scumworld’s exciting new series. Invoice to follow. Thank you for your request. Yours sincerely, Ian Churl,  Vice President (Marketing) Scumworld Digital services” WEDNESDAY, 12 APRIL 2017 From ‘Marla Knob Today’ with host, Marla Knob MK: I’m talking to Toby Carving, start of the new television series debuting on Scumworld over this Easter weekend, Six Types of Ennui. Toby, welcome. TC: Thank you. MK: Congratulations on the series. TC: Thank you. MK: Tell me, how did the intriguing title come about? TC: I…

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Rockin’ All Over the Place

Launch of Beyond the Rock by Janelle McCulloch The Avenue Bookstore, Albert Park, Victoria (4 April 2017); Matilda Bookstore, Stirling, SA (6 April 2017) The Varnished Culture schmoozed in Albert Park at the Avenue (honourably mentioned in our summary of Melbourne bookstores) for the launch of Beyond the Rock (reviewed here). Bob Sessions recalled the modest success of the book on its publication by Penguin in 1967, and its stunning re-boot upon release of the film in 1975. (It is their second biggest Australian sell after A Fortunate Life). Author Janelle McCulloch gave a talk and afterwards, a Q & A, in…

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