Bruno Mars

October 20, 2014 | Posted by Peter Jakobsen | Modern Music, MUSIC | 1 Comment |
Bruno Mars

The Today show featured a song by a young fella alleged to be ‘Bruno Mars’. Clearly this is an alias: Michael Jackson, circa Off the Wall (1980) has been removed from cryogenic storage. But Bruno seems pretty cool and inspired The Varnished Culture to attend the local second hand record sale next Sunday afternoon. P bought The Delphonics on ‘Philly Groove’ Records…A cover with 3 sharply dressed dudes! We only realised later they feature heavily in Tarantino‘s Jackie Brown…”they’re pretty good.”  And what could be a priceless bonus, subject to verification. ‘E Costello’ signed on the back cover. EC, were you loitering in some Adelaide second hand record store before a gig some time back?

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