Harmony Crochet Bag

October 22, 2015 | Posted by Lesley Jakobsen | Annabel Lee, CRAFT, Crochet |

As All Annabels know, I am a fan of Lucy from Attic 24.  And I am not alone.  The colour-wise people at Crafternoon Treats who designed this beauty :-   Have now made a fat-bottomed bag using the Lucy’s harmony squares.  Isn’t it pretty!- I’m making my own and doing my best to use their muted colour palette.  Here is progress so far with some floral experimentation.   Now I need to block the square, gather it all up, crochet the top, add the lace and flowers and make the handle.  That’s all!!

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Crochet Crotchets

September 25, 2015 | Posted by Lesley Jakobsen | Annabel Lee, CRAFT, Crochet |

I admire that craftiste who, upon finding the pattern of something which she desires to make – (say, for argument’s sake, the crocheted jacket on page 10 of Margaret Hubert’s “Runway Crochet)” – opens the cupboard containing her yarn stash, frowns a bit, then says “yes, that’ll do nicely” to some skeins of something and, just like that, starts to make the (again, just as an example), close-fitting long-sleeved  Juliet Jacket.   I admire her because she has made up her mind about the pattern , she has the right amount of the right yarn, she knows the right size, her tension is good,  and she just…

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Mollie Makes

If Mollie Makes were a woman she would own “Millie’s”, a quirky organic vegan café. The cafe, her house and her daughter Charlie* would all be decorated in a quirky retro, minimalist style featuring  lots of  polka dots and woodland animals. On Sundays Mollie Makes would dye her severe bob black or  purple, pop on her quirky red-rimmed glasses and cycle with Charlie  to roller derby practice. The magazine is as worthy as that – heavy on the Scandanavian look, white walls,  foxes, deer, owls, recycled furniture and dots.  The projects are usually at the  easy skill-level.  Of course beauty is in the eye of the needle, but to this crafter the Mollie Makes projects are too often offputtingly err……

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A Picnic in the Folly – Step 1

June 5, 2015 | Posted by Lesley Jakobsen | Annabel Lee, AUSTRALIANIA, CRAFT, Crochet |

 Some day soon I shall have a picnic (with cakes and champagne) in the folly, deep within the TVC gardens.  First, practise the decoration…

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4 Simple Steps to Edging a Blanket

May 19, 2015 | Posted by Lesley Jakobsen | Annabel Lee, CRAFT, Crochet |

"Where to begin?" (photo by Martineznotte)

Today I shall share my tips on how to edge a stripey crochet blanket in four simple steps:- 1) Be inspired by the marvellous blanket crocheted by Julie of Little Woollie. 2)  Whip up a blanket of your own. That’s the first few rows of my second stripey blanket to the left, and part of the first one on the right, under the bits and pieces of a wreath in progress. I have used 8-ply or DK yarn and a 4mm hook.  Notice the beautiful  red, pink and aqua flower next to the crochet hook?  That was a little extra sent to me by Julie when I ordered some wool from her (overall excellent service…

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