What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?

(Dir. Robert Aldrich) (1962)


I’ve written a letter to Bobby,

With grotesques he was deeply in love,

“Bob, which of Joan or dear Bette

Was easiest for you to shove?”

On piano, you drafted big Victor

The Warners said “Buono, he’ll do”,

I’ve written a letter to Bobby

Saying “What a stew”;

I’ve drafted a notice to Bobby

Telling him he’s through.


[TVC note: for all the Grand Guignol of her later performances, TVC considers Bette Davis an authentic star and pretty good actress to boot – e.g. All About Eve, Dark Victory, Of Human Bondage, Now Voyager, The Little Foxes, etc.  TVC also notes, but could not catch, Queen Bette at Old 505 Theatre in Sydney.  Check out the incisive review at Stage Noise.  Jeanette Cronin looks spookily like Davis at the mid stage of her career, a Hollywood career in which she had to call on all of her talent, nous and iron will to survive.]

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