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King of the Lounge Lizards,,,Dave Graney

Dave Graney and Co. reprise their seminal album Night of the Wolverine (but so adagio that you want to scream) in bustling Adelaide.  We last saw Dave at the Wheatsheaf, a funky Sapphic pub you pass on the way to the Port Adelaide docks, but whether he is in his Endeavour Tron, Leaving the Mount, or mooning about the world’s lounges in a reptilian fashion, Dave is a citizen of the world; a louche. knowing, Peter Lorre-style Master of Groove.  See and Hear him!

(Felix by Wilhelm Hensel)

(Felix by Wilhelm Hensel)

At Adelaide Town Hall over the same weekend, ASO gives us Felix Mendelssohn (with whom P shares a birthday) and some of the sublime Herr Bach, under Nicholas McGegan.  P does not regard all of the pieces as totally top shelf, though you can’t argue with Elijah or the St Matthew Passion.








What has the ABC got on Graeme Blundell?  The Australian‘s TV critic so unerringly selects some publically-funded dross as his “Pick of the Day” that he gives a new dimension to the word “Pushover”.  Graeme is a nice guy, we are sure, and was hilarious in Don’s Party, but still…

More sturm und drang over federal government funding, which we have spoken of before.  It gets touchy and complicated, of course, but central patronage synthesises oligarchies; one is tempted to cite Clive James, who noted that Marxism will always be popular among artists without talent, since it enables them to blame society for the fact that no-one wants to hear what they have to say.


Memo to stand-ups: stop talking ABOUT YOUR SPOUSE AND KIDS!  We require funny men and women to be COLD AND ALONE.




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