Tender is the Night

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"Hello, Mad Anthony Wayne" - William Adolphe Bouguereau, "The Wave" (1896)

(by F. Scott Fitzgerald) (1934)

Scott and Zelda, Dick and Nicole – these tempestuous marriages merge in Fitzgerald’s most substantial novel, a complete rendering and realisation of the beautiful people of the cote d’azur between the wars. The author referred to the book as “a confession of faith” in a secular sense and there is a touch of Keats in his portrait of the ambitious Dr Diver and his doomed, chivalrous defiance of the rule against falling in love with your patient.  Sheilah Graham justly described Tender as “sheer poetry all through, though the story is not so tightly knit as Gatsby.”*

[* The Real F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1976]


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