Under the Skin

(by Michel Faber)

OK, OK, we get the message, Mr Faber. You have confirmed something we all know. Sigh. But you also confirmed something else for us here at TVC – that in no circumstances, whatsoever, is it a good idea to hitchhike. TVC had seen the film before reading the book (the two share little in common other than the name), and had read a spoiler somewhere explaining just why Isserley works so hard to pick up male hitchhikers; so there were no real surprises.

It would be better to come to this book with little foreknowledge. The story is engaging, but a major element – the visit from an important person – is not successful and is simply there to ram the message home in case the reader has missed it. This is A-grade writing marred by heavy-handed preaching. Overall, despite its flaws, it is worthwhile and TVC does recommend it (unless you are squeamish, in which case – run). And don’t hitchhike. Just. Don’t.


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