The Varnished Culture is devoted to the arts and crafts.

It is not elegiac but informed by the past. We adopt the plea to “make it new” ¹ but not at the expense of quality; we promote enrichment through technique and understanding; we assert of those who make the effort to create fine art that their week beats your year. ²

¹ Vide Ezra Pound. ² With apologies to Lou Reed.

Lesley and Peter

Lesley Jakobsen

Is a university medalist in Ancient Greek, a lawyer, a designer of bespoke crafts, an erstwhile film production slave, a self-awarded bravery award winner, and author of the short story The Silent Partner. Her list of things that make life magnificent includes Peter Gabriel, David Foster Wallace, Joyce Carol Oates and the Norwood Football Club.

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Peter Jakobsen

Is the author of Tranquillity and contributed to a recent work on Joan Lindsay’s Picnic at Hanging Rock, as well as the commissioned play, Jenny Had it Coming. His list of things that make life bearable includes Declan McManus, Vladimir Nabokov and Richard Wagner. He is a member of the Richard Wagner Society of SA, the Dante Alighieri Society of SA and former Board Member of the GFC (that’s the Glenelg Football Club, not the Global Financial Crisis).

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