Chekhov Goes Feral at The Belvoir – The Cherry Orchard

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(Reviewed by our learned NSW correspondent, Margo Jakobsen)

The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov, Belvoir Theatre, June 2021 – directed / adapted by Eamon Flack

The burning question is about the adaptation of The Cherry Orchard. The Larrikin tradition was evoked.

Examples: the Zumba style dance, the MC calling the partygoers a bunch of c..ts, the f…k you conga line. Missing the subtle humour of the original, the 2 ladies next to me left at interval. [I’d probably have joined them – Ed.]

The audience, a full house, was split between those of penshionable age and secondary students. In their innocence, the latter were shocked by the sexual references and not shy about expressing themselves. The atmosphere was raucous and fun. Enjoying the real-life personality of Pamela Rabe in the Q&A after the show, I’d like to have seen more of that power in her portrayal of the flawed matriarch, and not the more fragile one asked for by the director. Diversity was clearly a priority in the casting. New, fresh, a must-see!


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