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Directed by Babak Jalali (2023)

Our insightful Guest Reviewer, Rita, gives us her thoughts on “Fremont”.   Rita exhorted us to see it and we are really sorry that we missed it, because Rita knows what is what.  So thank you Rita.  Please send us more reviews of the weird and the wonderful.  See also Rita’s equally succinct review of “Challengers“.

I am really interested in your critique(s) on this film. I was gripped by this strange but engaging little gem.  Loved the odd beauty of the following.  She said, “I brought you a deer.”  He replied, “I wanted a deer.”  Endearing and funny.

[For post-war trauma, I’d plump for The Deerhunter personally, but still, this looks like a Jim Jarmusch-type, intimate jewel – Ed.]


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