Myth, Propaganda and Disaster in Nazi Germany and Contemporary America

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Adelaide University Theatre Guild, 5 – 6, 9 -12 & 16 -19 May 2018

Stephen Sewell’s award-winning commentary on the War on Terror premièred in 2003. Fifteen years later, its anger and its resonance are undiminished, in that the eternal tension between individual liberty and social cohesion has become more acute in the post 911 world and the new theocratic age.

The play asks “What does happen when the ‘Land of the Free’, with its neuroses about security and its desire for control says “You’re either with us or against us?”

The Varnished Culture will no doubt seethe and gnash its collective teeth at the political elements of the piece, but it will still be there on opening night: despite the Marat/Sade length of the title, it is an important production and the Theatre Guild, in its 80th year, deserves kudos and support for its gutsy decision to stage it.  Anyway, we’re promised strong language and violence!  You can book online via this link:

Shot of the Cast c/- Theatre Guild


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