Namaste Nepalese Restaurant, 41 George Street, Parkside SA (8272 2288)

This lovely little joint tucked away in the south side of Adelaide used to be a chi-chi coffee shop which passed (disastrously) through various hands till its current emanation. Now its a great place for a small party or a quiet dinner.

Beware of imitations: this is the best joint of its kind in town (to find anything properly comparable, you’d have to travel down to the Bay).


We started with a combination of entrees – Momos, chicken or vegetable dumplings with ginger, garlic, spring onion & coriander. Steamed and served with tomato achar, with Samosas, home made pastry triangles filled with potatoes, spring onion, peas and coriander, served with a mint and yoghurt sauce.  The lovely cool green sauce is hotter than it looks.  In addition, we tried Tareko Machha, fish marinated in Nepalese herbs and lightly battered with cornflour and mustard oil, then deep fried. (Trigger warning: this is not a diet restaurant, thank God).  These lovely little entrees wash down well with a crisp dry white or champagne.

namaste food

A big South Australian shiraz is best for the main fare: we had Khasiko Masu, an aromatic, traditionally spiced goat curry enriched with the flavours of fenugreek, cinnamon, tomatoes, coriander and bay leaves, Daal Bhaat Tarkari, the traditional Nepalese platter comprising seasonal vegetable curry, saag (stir-fried mustard leaves), daal (lentils), dahima and tomato achar (pickle). Lots of dahima and rice on the side.  The ingredients are all of good quality and the recipes are down pat. Good, friendly service. But no room for dessert, apart from another champagne and sticky.

It was like being back in the Himalayas, only much, much better.  Namaste!


Photo of Himalayan halo by Anton Yankovyi



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