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Ilja Richter bei den Proben zu seinem Stueck Altweibersommer am Muenchner Volkstheater, Oktober 1998

We liked this and wanted to share it.

Other burning questions in these dark times:

Why does grape flavor taste the way actual grapes don’t?

Why do Americans ask for a ‘grape drink’?

Why does the Easter bunny carry eggs?

If you have two options, don’t you have one choice?

If tonight there’s going to be a ‘jailbreak somewhere in the town’, wouldn’t that be at the jail?

At a cinema, or on a plane, which arm-rest is yours?

When did ‘Off’ and ‘On’ switches disappear?

If an author writes a book about failure and it is remaindered, is it a success?

Why is a fly called a ‘fly’? Rather than, say, a  bird or a mosquito?

As all the world is a stage, where does the audience go?

Why do they have braille in car park lifts?

And if the handicapped want to be treated equally, why do they have the best parks (which they never seem to use)?

Why do they hide the napkin under the food?

Why don’t some countries use round spoons for soup?


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