10 Things We Hate About Shops and Salons

April 14, 2016 | Posted by Lesley Jakobsen | LIFE | 0 Comments |

  1. The conversation-starters which clothes sales assistants and hairdressers learn by rote.  “Is it still windy/hot/raining out there?”  “On your lunch break?” “Got much on this weekend?” “Do you live/work around here?” “Got a special occasion coming up?”…
  2. but…nail technicians won’t, or can’t speak English and they’ve got your hands imprisoned for an hour.
  3. “Do you have our special loyalty card?  No?  Would you like to join our loyalty programme? No?  You should because you can get 2 percent off and endless emails from us.  No?  It’ll only take a minute to sign you up.  No?  Do you collect our special stickers?”
  4. “Have you taken this (mild painkilling) medication before? No?  Then let me just give you a run-down on the do’s and don’ts and possible side effects. I won’t detain you by more than 40 minutes…”
  5. When you SEE someone there, but s/he refuses to “see” you because his/her co-worker has just got to the interesting bit of the story.
  6. The way computers make everything in retail so much slower.
  7. Supermarket baskets that stick together.  The bottom one will fall off when you’re halfway through your shopping and scare the life out of you.
  8. Tip jars in places where there is no service.
  9. No price tags.
  10. “It’s a beauty, isn’t it?  Unfortunately, we don’t have any in stock right now…We can get them in in a few months but the colour and style will be different.”

(Image by Anna Marie Wirth, 1846–1932)




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