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'Sisyphus' by Titian

This is the year we did unravel,

The moment when the joys of travel

Were undone; We lost the trust

Of those who quacked, scolded, fussed

Over our lives, and sought our love

But abandoned us when push met shove.

This the year when we all learned

That skin is rent and flesh is burned

By any common garden device

Wielded by those who sacrifice,

The year in which we fully saw

Common bonds do tie no more.

Bullets at the temples flew,

Boats sank in the water blue,

Bombs and bluffs we never knew

Were true; and cancer grew.

Weather, sullen, misbehaved

Left several gifts so deep engraved

That served the glory boxes of

The barren folks who’d stolen love.

History weaponised itself

And hate spilled from the upper shelf,

To memorialise the year

When we unravelled, slip to tear.

Caspar David Friedrich's Sea of Ice (1823-24)

Caspar David Friedrich’s Sea of Ice (1823-24)


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