A loss is a loss is a loss

June 12, 2018 | Posted by Peter Jakobsen | AUSTRALIANIA, LIFE | 0 Comments |

Glenelg v North Adelaide, Gliderol (Open Air) Stadium, 11 June 2018

We dreaded the Queen’s Birthday match – the Roosters crowing at the top of the table and the Tigers skulking down in 9th place.  Predictably, North’s legion of fair-weather fans had come out of the woodwork, and they were in strong voice. This may have influenced the umpires to decide not to report a North player for using his elbow on a Bay player’s head, but what else is new?

North are a class team and move the ball into their multi-pronged attack with verve. The Bays rely on perspiration rather than inspiration, but found a way to keep scoring, thanks to Josh Scott (2), Ian Milera (2) and ex-Rooster Nick Amato with 4. Terry Milera missed out on the goals for once, which was a particular pity given the result.

In a close tussle, a couple of dodgy umpiring decisions and 2 missed shots at goal proved the difference. We feared a 10 goal blow-out, but a ten point loss is hardly consolation. If Glenelg had been this desperate in several games earlier this season, it would have won a few more games.  Anyway, a loss, is a loss, is a loss, as they say.

Glenelg 11.6 (72) North Adelaide 12.10 (82)


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