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April 20, 2017 | Posted by Peter Jakobsen | HISTORY, POLITICS, Ulalume | 4 Comments |

Ein Urlaubstag des Kanzlers in seinem Hause auf dem Obersalzberg bei Berchtesgaden. Auch in der Urlaubszeit arbeitet der Kanzler, neben ihm sitzend Ministerpräsident Göring. 490-38

Adolf Hitler (born 20 April, 1889 – died 30 April 1945)

This garrulous monk of ravenous bent,

Of whom the Duce said “Non mi piace“,

Who in every message sent

Sold fear at length and very archly

And much that he meant.

While promising Germany greatness again

His goons torched the Reichstag, thus warming-up

A war-ready State that was greedy for gain,

Enlivened by monstering Röhm and Krupp,

Tagging a part of the people as bane.

He chewed upon hunks of shriveling maps,

He bit and swallowed, he gulped and blew,

While better men showed convulsive flaps,

Appeasing while his confidence grew,

Setting and priming and laying his traps.

Ulalume informs the Fuhrer that he's for the chop

Ulalume informs the Fuhrer that he’s for the chop

Shake hands with the Devil, sup with his spoon,

Go with him up to the mountain-top,

Then count your fingers, smell the mud on your shoon

And figure how what you’ve started will stop,

Awake with a start to an unfriendly tune.

When the hinge of fate will close,

Where the gathering storm is come,

As an early frost nips at toes

Concentration might reward some,

Patient in the winter snows.

Those he treated with contempt,

The discards set upon the shelf,

Begin to circle him, unkempt,

Murder, murder, mass and self,

Self-love and loathing never dreamt.

What giant failure of the will

And fearful lack of empathy

Has caused man’s innocence to still

And struck a chord, in sympathy,

With history’s dark, satanic mill?

“Never again” we hear us say,

Firmly shaking our sleepy head,

“Any swine shall rue the day

If he makes and lies in such a bed.”

So we wend purblind and fey.





  1. Reply

    Aron Hardt

    April 21, 2017

    A Half Looney is nearly always worse than a Full Looney but AH was an exception

  2. Reply

    Lynne Ginsburg Barr

    April 21, 2017

    Forget him forever

  3. Reply

    Lawrence Lucas

    April 23, 2017

    Never forget what he did.

  4. Reply

    Eric James

    April 23, 2017


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