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4 East Terrace, Adelaide, (8223 3885)

February 2018

The Old Continent meets the Dark Continent in this funky, uber-trendy gourmet kitchen which is crowded, noisy, but full of interest, including pretty and witty decor. The staff shoot from the hip, but at least they are hip when they shoot, and they know (and love) the bill of fare. The trick is to sample the full flavour of the veldt without over-ordering.

Over a dry champagne, we plumped for a starter of crispy eggplant with chilli and shallot sauce. This arrived under a duvet of what appeared to be dessicated coconut but was in fact, a fine, filament-like cheese. P would normally go a long way to avoid eggplant but this dish was tremendous, a unique starter that lined the tummy and had us hungry for more.

More came in the form of Peri-Peri chicken (with a ‘boom!chakalaka’ relish), a lightly-seared and sapid charred pork neck with harissa and pickles, and a wonderfully mysterious charred peach salad with buffalo mozzarella and red and green tomatoes. The salad was soft, refreshing and gorgeously unlike the standard serve of nettles, posing as a “salad,” dished-up by so many restaurants.

They fill this joint up in waves, so you are in no doubt as to when you’re to get out.  Be that as it may, we were not rushed, and had time to saunter off to the East End Cellars for a nightcap.  In sum, try Africola for genuine, fun otherness.

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