Alexandros of Antioch

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Louvre photo of Venus by Chosovi

Detail from the Altar of Zeus at Pergamon

Detail from the Altar of Zeus at Pergamon

The Venus from Melos, gesturing toward Cupid, shows the apotheosis of the ideal sculptural style under the stewardship of Hellenistic Greece, as produced by the superb Alexandros, who with a handful of colleagues cruelly leave the ruins of their works, deistic and profane (e.g. Nike of Samothrace, the Apollo Belvedere, the head of Alexander, the Altar of Zeus, the Laocoon) to shame and humiliate the abject poverty and sloppiness of all efforts in the plastic arts in the 22 hundred years since.


Just do it


Alexander the Great


The almost complete man…Apollo Belvedere

We are near the ninth circle of hell in respect of the plastic arts today.   Exhibit A: the work of Jeffrey Koons.  Exhibit B: the various repulsive statues of sporting stars multiplying outside stadia the world over, some of which (see Twickenham or Adelaide Oval) appear to have been hastily constructed from burnt, blackened hebel.


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    April 24, 2019

    was taken to France by some French diplomats, her stand was left behind and continued to erode with the rolling times, making the inscription on it nearly impossible to read, so the artist’s name could either be Alexandros or Agasandros. Alexandros is catchier, though, so we’ll stick with that.

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    Lesley Jakobsen

    March 24, 2024

    Well said "Trekkie"!

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