And Justice For Some

June 24, 2023 | Posted by Peter Jakobsen | LIFE, POLITICS, Ulalume | 1 Comment |

When one does a crime

We expect one will do time:

But today it all depends

On who are your true friends.

A lass who thought that Pell

Belonged in deepest Hell

Tried to justify this thought

All the way to the High Court.

The judges boxed her ears

And conviction disappears,

But confronted with bent cops

She did not pull out the stops.

In the Land of the Free,

It clearly pays to be

A member of the Club

Who won’t even have to scrub

A charge from his good name;

There’s none to lay the blame.

You can govern on the take;

Tax affairs all fake,

Secrets you can steal,

Lies you can conceal.

Security’s a joke

When they can’t work out the coke:

Prosper from sheer treason

And none shall find a reason

To call out.

When they get-away with that

One applauds, and doffs a hat

As that shows a certain style,

Inches taken for a mile.

But reflect an hour or so

And you’ll surely come to know

That the partial pangs of Law

At our consciences do gnaw.

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    Richie Ho

    June 26, 2023

    So true

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