Australia is Tigerland

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Glenelg v Central District, Gliderol Stadium, 14 May 2016

From TVC’s forthcoming pamphlet, Kicking for Goal the Jakobsen Way: “For a set shot, remember, it is easy, as long as you adhere to these simple steps and never deviate therefrom.

  1. Face the Goal – try to align your shoulders with the goal posts.
  2. Get any superstitious gestures out of the way quickly and then forget them.
  3. Don’t worry about swinging in a Lance Franklin arc; he is an exception.
  4. Walk and then trot straight at the middle of the goal, having ensured you are a comfortable distance from the man on the mark.
  5. After you have sighted the centre of the goal in order to set your path, never again look in that direction, until the ball has left your boot.
  6. As you reach the end of the safe zone to kick well over the man on the mark, look only at your dominant foot and as it is ready, drop the ball cleanly.
  7. Swing your foot firmly, evenly and cleanly onto the descending ball, so that it connects centrally with the middle third of the foot.
  8. The ball will sail through the goal for a maximum 6 points.”


The Tigers finally got with the programme on Saturday afternoon, looking sharp, physical and accurate, against quality opposition.  Centrals had 1 more shot for goal but were often made to err under pressure.  We have to report that they also let us off the hook several times with inaccuracy from set shots – there’s a cliché for that!

The team put in for the entire afternoon and the guys who earn their keep goal-shooting didn’t rattle one bit, with Josh Scott, Willie Rioli, Clint Alleway, Terry Milera and Jake Johansen accumulating more goals between them than the Bulldogs scored in toto.  A great, tough win and a small but steady step-up-the-ladder.  The Bays won across all divisions this week, and to the East, sorry-old Richmond climbed off the mat to beat Sydney by a point.  So, for now, Australia is Tigerland.


GLENELG: 19.6 (120)  CENTRAL DISTRICT 13.13 (91)


As a filip to the day, Mary Hardy was presented with a special commendation honouring a lifetime of voluntary work for the Glenelg Football Club.  Mary is like a black-and-gold silk Louis XIV divan – stylish, venerable, priceless, and part of the furniture (at Glenelg).  Congratulations, and thanks, Mary!


Mary Hardy and Torrie Osborn



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