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"Google it, mate"

Leader of the Australian Greens, Mr. Adam Bandt, is on record as wanting – a Treaty; A Republic (for which he called on the day QEII died); eliminating coal and gas as sources of energy; wiping student debt and funding free education for all; a cheap housing construction orgy; tenure for all; an end to all forms of discrimination (including the good ones), and defenestrating the Australian flag. So here’s our Song for Adam (with apologies to Stuart and Marco):

[For Michelle]

Well I’m standing here looking at you

What do I see? I’m looking straight through

It’s so sad, when you’re hip

To be told, you’re just a blip

So unplug the telly and do us all a favour;

That chap has lost his mind so it’s last chance to savour

Bandt Musik (x 3)…

Adam calling for the banning of electricity (while towering above a sandwich board)

Well I’m standing here, what do I see?

A big nothing, hectoring me

It’s so sad, when you’re green

To be told, you’re a has-been

So unplug the hot mike and do us all a favour;

Little Adam has got to go for all his bad behaviour

Bandt Musik (x 3)…

Adam refuses to stand in front of the Australian flag

        Please tread on a Bandt, he’s done nothing for you,

        You might rue the day when he’s wearing the shoe,

        Please tread on the Bandt, like his mate Trotsky too,

        Take off his head, he’d have more of a clue

So unplug his mobile and do us all a favor;

He certainly is not an Aussie flag waver

Bandtmusic, (x 3)

So unplug his limo and do us all a favor;

He might grab power yet I can hear you quaver

Bandtmusic, (x 3)

Bandtmusic, (x 3)

Bandtmusic, (x 3)

Bandtmusic, (x 3)…

The Australian flag was moved to the side of the room prior to Greens leader Adam Bandt conducting a press conference. Picture: Twitter/isobelroe


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