The Big Men Say “Bye”

August 13, 2016 | Posted by Peter Jakobsen | AUSTRALIANIA, LIFE | 0 Comments |

Glenelg v Port @ Glenelg Oval, 13 August 2016

Port had a bunch of AFL stars back to bolster its attack on the finals and it looked in real race trim.  After going the biff early, they discovered that the Tigers were more than equal to the hard stuff, so in the last half they broke free with superior football, outrunning and out-muscling the home side.


The Bays missed 4 easy shots and blew the chance to impose some scoreboard pressure.  But some Port ‘stars’ may have some explaining to do for the Match Review Panel.  Certainly the umpiring review may raise some queries as well.




Clint Alleway and Ruory Kirkby played their last game for Glenelg, and it was a pity we couldn’t make the margin closer for them.  They did their bit – Ruory took the mark of the day, and kicked 3; Clint got 2 goals and handed key Magpie defender Paul Stewart a bump he won’t soon forget.


We say to them: congratulations on your careers, cheerio, and thanks for the memories.


Glenelg need some high performance management…they have loads of talent, and plenty of grit, but like the pop band, they have to go from BoyzToMen!

Glenelg 11.13 (79) Port 20.14 (134)


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