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April 25, 2016 | Posted by Peter Jakobsen | AUSTRALIANIA, LIFE | 0 Comments |

A shame we couldn't put out the lights (photo courtesy 'The Advertiser')

Glenelg v Adelaide, 24 April 2016

The Tigers are clearly better this year; you don’t get that sinking feeling like you did for large chunks of matches last season.  They were in the game nearly all the way last Sunday, did some good things, and they never lost heart.  But they were up against a team with 19 AFL-listed stars, or embryonic stars, half of them bigger and faster than a Silverado.  For all their gallant striving, the Bays didn’t win a quarter, had 10 less scoring shots, and lost by a comfortable 5 goals.

The inclusion of Adelaide in the SANFL is going to bring ruin to the competition.  It wouldn’t have happened, except some club changed its vote, in an act of unprecedented treachery and, ultimately, self-destruction.  We’re not naming names – Thanks, Norwood! Any way, we lick our wounds and now get ready for a must-win at Prospect.  The team is good enough and things will fall into place soon.  Meantime, let’s look at some Glenelg stars of the past and draw some moral sustenance from their examples…








Glenelg 13.8 (86)

Adelaide 17.14 (116)


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