Better Call Saul (Finale Season)

(Stan, 2022)

This sublime series, from one, two, three, four and five, a pre-cursor to Breaking Bad, is wrapping things up. Series Six hurtles toward dark places with all the terrifying speed of a runaway train, conducted by Edgar Allan Poe. This is a slow train wreck coming: we know that split-personality-Saul, Honourable killer Mike, and Super Polite and Super Evil Gus, make it into the made-earlier-but-set-later series, but what of Nacho, Howard, the dreadful Lalo and – of course – Kym?

A major Better Call Saul season 6 surprise has been revealed – and fans aren't happy | TechRadar

It’s just the best thing on TV in many, many years…

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    Smilla's Snow

    September 6, 2022

    Well, we've seen the end of it now and im afraid that i did not think all that much of the way it ended.
    I cant bear the idea of Kim living with that guy and working in the sprinkler place. She just couldn't live like that. I hope she goes back to being a lawyer.
    And NO-ONE - least of all Jimmy/Saul/Gene would do 86 years when he could get away with 7. i didnt really understand what his redemption was - he said that Kim had not been involved, but she had already written the Affidavit.
    But surprises as always.

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