Carl Barron – “Drinking With a Fork”

Adelaide Entertainment Centre, 30 October 2018

A Queensland doppelganger for Paul Kelly, stand-up Carl Barron rapidly (almost obsessive-compulsively) circled the stage at a packed Ent. Cent last night, and his act went over a treat.  We might have missed a reference to his titular joke, ‘Drinking with a fork,’ but then, The Varnished Culture was locked-out for 7 minutes with several other unfortunates, having queued at length for some overpriced Bundy-and-Coke (to fire-up for the Man from Longreach’s act) – thanks, Entertainment Centre!  Nevertheless, Barron was true to form, and stayed mainly on script, with his usual array of observational and occasionally literate, sometimes scatological, often sideways comedy.  His upbringing by fairly pitiless parents featured (His Dad’s chastisements seemed to 10 year old Carl symptomatic of early-onset dementia: “What did I just say?”) as did his knack for puncturing euphemisms, pretension, faux outrage, and cant.  And we enjoyed his whining, incoherent country song that seemed to consist of random squawks and mumbling.  When asked about his favourite topic for comedy, Barron has said “Me, and how stupid you can be.  It’s an endless source of inspiration, because if you bag yourself, you’re bagging everyone.”


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