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Glenelg v South Adelaide, Glenelg Oval, 9 July 2016

Tigers vs Panthers at the Bay, fighting for the Carey-Darley Cup, with South getting the first three goals in under seven minutes.  But then in the latter part of the quarter, goals to Nicholson and Scott put the home team in front.  The visitors dominated the second quarter and only a late goal to Earl kept us in the hunt – but it looked like a comfortable win to South (certain finalists this season) was shaping up.


Don’t point, run!

Again, the Panthers completely dominated the first half of the (3rd) term. Although they did not exploit their opportunities, midway through, they had a handy 28 point lead.  There must have been a communal feeling among the side that they’d done enough; that they could put the cue in the rack; that they were clearly superior; that they could start thinking about a week off and the game against the Bulldogs.  It is human nature and only the very best sides avoid falling into that trap.  So the Tigers, having staunched the flow of goals against them, suddenly fired-up and rattled on 4 goals, from Scott, Johansen, and Sumner.  At three-quarter time, Glenelg was within 3 points.

And the Tigers won the arm wrestle in the final stanza, kicking 2 goals to nil. When Tim Sumner kicked his second, late in the term, the Bays had won a stirring comeback victory, putting the Panthers back in Rilke’s cage.  South will contest the finals and we wish them well, but having a consolatory slurp of plonk afterwards, with stoic Kingstonian Jack White and 1964 Premiership Wingman Bryan Ploenges, it was agreed that South had blown it today, and needed a walk down the Hall of Mirrors. 

Glenelg 11.8 (74)  South Adelaide 9.10 (64)


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