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Glenelg Tigers vs Central District Bulldogs, April 29, 2017

QuarterWell, what a day! Beaten-up by Central District all day (they’ve hated and monstered us ever since 1975), the Tigers looked, to this jaundiced eye, a little soft and incompetent. We had plenty of possession (374 disposals to 286) but frittered it away with sloppy delivery, such that our usual potent attack was left stranded, while the Dogs rebounded with method and precision – they looked cleaner, and tougher.

We were a little startled by the presence of ‘foreigners’ in our viewing box – and stunned at the half by a spray from a Playford Council apparatchik, who berated us for not supplying him with a free, dedicated carpark for the game. One of our supporters made the reasonable point that the last time he took his car to Elizabeth Oval, it had been vandalised, but this didn’t seem to penetrate what this moustachioed, life-hating, ignoble, bellicose, entitled piece of dog’s mess chose to call his brain.

That meant we were not just fighting to save a game and a season, but a parking-space. The faithful started yelling (with extreme prejudice) and the Tigers started playing. They kicked 5 goals to 1 in the last quarter and dragged themselves out of a losing mire, hitting the front at the 20 minute-mark. Chris Curren in defence kept his cool under extreme pressure – Warwick McGinty was pivotal in ruck – Ian Milera was outstanding with 4 goals. Josh Scott and Liam McBean were stand-outs despite ‘close’ attention from opposing defenders.

At the death, Glenelg snatched victory from the jaws of you know what. And that ward-heeler is still looking for his free car-park….

Glenelg 12.9 (81)  Central District 11.10 (76)closefar

We are troubled by the apparent attitude problem of our friends from the north. Central District supporters hate Glenelg more than anyone else, or so it seems.

We suggest that they might like to have a nice cup of tea and a lie-down. After all, they had a decade of premiership success, thanks to the ravages of the AFL on other clubs, and some salary cup shenanigans. Perhaps having as their main sponsor a car-maker about to abandon the State is causing some friction…Anyway, we imaged what a Henri Rousseau Tiger might make of whingers like that:



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    May 1, 2017

    Go Tiges!

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