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Are we over the publishing tactic of “tease, obfuscate, hit-and-run”?

Reports (and comma errors) are rife over the discovery of a Harper Lee spin-off, Go Set a Watchman, with Scout Finch now grown up and sittin’ at the back of the bus.  The latest in a long line of similar finds, from The Original of Laura (nb: notes on index cards, not a novel) and similar teases over Kafka and J. D. Salinger, this has the added frisson of publication in the author’s lifetime.

TVC can’t wait for future unearthed treasures: Luke Rhinehart’s Snake Eyes; J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter Goes to Washington; Colleen McCulloch’s Defrocked; Lev Grossman’s Abracadabra; and The Sea, the Sea by Iris Murdoch.

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