Death Finds a Way

October 1, 2016 | Posted by Peter Jakobsen | LIFE, PETER'S WRITING | 0 Comments |

"Will somebody just kill us? Please?" (1936 gathering of the Voluntary Euthanasia Legislation Society, Leicester - photo c/- Wellcome Images).

An earnest fellow cringed guiltily

Because his elderly kin

Lingered on in life so painfully,

Before oblivion.

He craved leave to administer

A coup de grâce to the man,

And so approached a Minister

In order to detail his plan.

If there was a rule a relative

Could decide to throw the switch,

No more in pain would a victim live

And hug doom without a hitch.

Such murders are compassionate

And lovingly boost the feelings

That the victim was asking for it,

Ceasing strife and other dealings.

(image courtesy of Opium tm)

(image courtesy of Opium tm)



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