'Non preoccuparti, we left Winston in the car.' (Chamberlain, Mussolini, Lord Halifax & Count Ciano at Rome Opera, Jan. 1939)

(C J Sansom)

Smog, smog smog.  There is a lot of smog in this novel, which serves to hide the holes in this rather unlikely  plot.  But it’s an ok read if you believe in “holiday” books. World War I is known only as The Great War because there was no World War II.  Halifax succeeded Chamberlain.  England surrendered and Churchill is now an underground resistance leader.  How differently things actually turned out!  It’s all very well until the erstwhile surprisingly amiable and hands-off Nazis turn a bit nasty and start to disappear people.  Importantly however, Germany’s most effective means of domination is to control Europe with finance rather than jackboots.  How differently things actually turned out!


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