Elegy for Miron

December 31, 2019 | Posted by Peter Jakobsen | LIFE | 0 Comments |

Miron (28 October 2000 to 14 December 2019)

There was no corner of our house

Not under his regal command;

Of the dozens dead, no mouse

Ever did escape as planned,

He ravaged the rodent underworld

And waged a ceaseless war on string

But mostly spent his work-day curled

And drowsy, disdained anything.

A sullen cloud would billow in,

Announcing the hour in which to dine;

We would watch, all in a spin

To hope he would declare as fine

His meal, and after yawn and stretch

He left the plate, drained of desire,

And goose-step’d, claws unsheathed to fetch

A cushion right before the fire.

He had his moments in the sun,

Exploring when a younger man;

He’d disappear, as though for fun

Into the dark where all began

And now he’s gone, to our great grief,

Our house seems empty, still and flat;

We remain in grateful disbelief

For the life and loss of our noble cat.


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