Footy Finals Song # 1: South Adelaide

August 23, 2018 | Posted by Peter Jakobsen | AUSTRALIANIA, LIFE, Modern Music | 0 Comments |

OK, P is grumpy that the Glenelg Tigers miss out on the finals (again). And the final five is now settled: (1) Norwood (2) Sturt (3) Eagles (4) South Adelaide and (5) North Adelaide. The order may vary slightly after the last minor round, but not in a meaningful way: Sturt and Eagles might change places but they will still square-off in the Qualifying Final; South and North might swap 4th and 5th places, depending on results, but they will still contest the Elimination Final.

So we have 5 finalists and 4 Club Songs (Norwood and Sturt share one, mutatis mutandis).  The Varnished Culture would like to present these superb numbers to you, but replaced with our own suggested lyrics.

TRIGGER WARNING: Supporters of these Clubs may be offended by our extemporisation!

Here’s the South Adelaide Panthers’ ditty:

We are the blue and white,

We are the crummy blue and white,

We’re the team that always lets you down

We’re a standing joke All Over Town,

We’ve got supporters,

Who’d sell their daughters,

To win a quarter,

But that won’t happen anytime soon because

We are the Crappy blue and white!


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