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In our material universe, science finds four categories of sex in Homo Sapiens:

Old Traditional # 1

Who produce ovum (“Woman”)

Old Traditional # 2

Who produce sperm (“Man”)

Small Sliver (# 3)

With gender dysphoria or intersex anatomy (who deserve love, compassion, understanding, and perhaps, especially if given high office in the Biden Administration, treatment)

Burgeoning New Category (# 4)


If I can’t win a medal in my shotput division, I may do better turning out on the track in a skirt. Not bright enough to gain admission to Law School? If I reimagine myself as a disabled Nigerian elf-lady, watch me clamber up the list of admissions, even of scholarships.

Of course, there are those who deprecate these scientific terms as transphobic.  So some female academics and journalists are vilified and hunted-down for daring to suggest that saying ‘I Am Woman,’ doesn’t necessarily make it so.  See the religious fervour with which any expressed, tiny doubt, that a 12-year old wishing to transition may just be going through a phase, is denounced as ‘hate speech.’  Or the extraordinary bias against straight white people on Google’s ‘Machine Learning Fairness’. And consider Karen White, a convicted rapist who identifies as a woman, being transferred to a women’s prison despite not having gender re-assignment surgery, where he sexually assaulted 4 female inmates.


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