France Soir

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Google Maps suggested that we could walk to this restaurant from our Melbourne central hotel. Wrong. Luckily we chose to cab it through the leafy suburbs to this hole in the wall gem.  France Soir is a treat.

The provincial French theme may not suit those hardy souls who prefer minimalism and modernity but it suited TVC right down to the butter (butter!) served with the bread.


The garlic snails were too garlicky for words and the bouef bourginon was black and unctuous. Pommes frittes come with the main courses. We were invited to have another drink despite the diners at the bar waiting for tables. There is none of this come at 6.15 and leave at 8.15 rubbish. The tables are crammed together, diners have to shout to be heard and it is terrific.

Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son (16C) by permission of the Yorck Project


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