Four-and-twenty Crows Reserves, Baked in a Pie

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Glenelg v Adelaide, 3 June 2017 @ Glenelg Oval

5th vs 6th @ Gliderol, with Adelaide’s rolling stock up and about early, leading 3 goals to 2. But you wonder if they try really, their core business being to finish games intact, in case they are needed for the AFL team the following week.


How else to explain the next three quarters, with Glenelg kicking 12 goals to 3? Certainly the Milera boys, Josh Scott, Dom Barry, Todd Slade, and Liam McBean (above) in attack were well on top, as were the boys mid-field and in defence.

GAdGroupDayAlthough there were a similar number of scoring shots, the Tigers had more method and less pressure on them in attack, and the Crows couldn’t get breathing space on the inside or outside. As of writing, Port appear to be thrashing South, which means the Tigers will likely be in 4th place. And the game against North Adelaide at Prospect Oval looms as an important game, and hence a dangerous one.

GAdTeamGlenelg 14.4 (88) Adelaide 6.11 (47)

Eating Crow

Eating Crow


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