“Up to Our Level”

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Glenelg v Port Adelaide at Alberton Oval, June 4, 2016

Bright, sunny day. Win to the reserves. And a bright start by the league side, with a 5 goal to 1 first quarter. Obviously the shock of taking on the Magpies with Chad Cornes as their coach had worn off. But then it seemed like the teams had changed guernseys: Port gave us a 7 goal to 1 pasting and took a narrow lead into half time.  It is hard to see how one side could look so slick and accomplished for a half hour and then instantly swap that for sheer ineptitude.  We guess credit must go to the enemy. When some of our supporters started grumbling about all those AFL-listed stars on the other team, a Port man piped up and suggested they were “helping you up to our level.”


Whatever that was supposed to mean, the last half turned into a war of attrition, with wounded soldiers on both sides limping off. The umpires’ decisions seemed more opaque than normal, though unfairness was spread on both sides – but by the last change, the Tigers had clawed to a 10 point lead. The northern end had seen the heavy scoring, and Port had that in the final term.  But, unaccountably, they went defensive, trying to sucker their opponents into leaving spaces for easy rebounding goals. It worked early, and by the ten minute mark the Magpies hit the front, but the Bays didn’t fall into that trap again, instead attacking with daring and verve. Our three musketeers, Milera, Rioli and Sumner, were particularly dashing  (they garnered 11 goals between them on the day). Although Port mounted a late charge, it was too late.  The Tigers won by 19 points.

This was an important win. Glenelg was coming off a three-week break. This result put them within shouting distance of the Five. And any year you beat Port is a good year.  I guess they helped us up to their level! Thanks, lads!

Glenelg 19.13 (127) Port 17.6 (108)



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