Graham Greene

2 October 1904

They are ill with me and I can cure them. And you too God – you are ill with me. I can’t go on, month after month, insulting you. I can’t face coming up to the altar at Christmas – your birthday feast – and taking your body and blood for the sake of a lie. I can’t do that. You’ll be better off if you lose me once and for all. I know what I’m doing….”

The Heart of the Matter (1948)


He turned his back on her; he wouldn’t promise, but he wouldn’t tell. He would have nothing to do with their secrets, the responsibilities they were determined to lay on him. He was only anxious to forget. He had received already a larger dose of life than he had bargained for, and he was scared.”

The Fallen Idol (1948)


Martins stopped and stared. There was something familiar about that figure. Perhaps, he thought, I have grown unconsciously used to him during these last twenty-four hours; perhaps he is one who have so assiduously checked my movements. Martins stood there, twenty yards away, staring at the silent motionless figure in the dark side street who stared back at him. A police spy, perhaps, or an agent of those other men, those men who had corrupted Harry first and then killed him – even possibly the third man?…He called sharply, “Do you want anything?” and there was no reply. He called again with the irascibility of drink, “Answer, can’t you,” and an answer came, for a window curtain was drawn petulantly back by some sleeper he had awakened, and the light fell straight across the narrow street and lit up the features of Harry Lime.”

The Third Man (1949)


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