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'Let's dip our bread in that gravy while it's still warm."

(Dir. Martin Ritt) (1963)

Larry (Lonesome Dove) McMurtry’s novel Horseman, Pass By becomes Paul Newman’s best role, as cattleman Hud Bannon, all ‘barbed-wire soul’ who just can’t feel or do good, lusting after housekeeper Alma, rejecting noble father Homer and corrupting nephew Lonnie.

A relentless tale of the harshness of life on the land, with a bitter foot-and-mouth twist, Ritt’s brilliant and stark production makes his version of Spy Who Came in from the Cold look like The Sound of Music.  Great work by all, especially Newman, Patricia Neal incomparable as Alma, and Melvyn Douglas monolithic as the old man.

“You’re an unprincipled man, Hud.” “Well don’t let that fuss ya. You got enough for both of us.”

"Hey, good lookin'"

“Hey, good lookin'”


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