Inherit the Wind

Proverbs, 11:29 – “He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind: and the fool shall be servant to the wise of heart.”


I watched this Stanley Kramer bag-of-wind

With that pair of plump boiled hams, Tracy and March,

In a hot and dusty courtroom, having a fine old time

Debating whether a schoolteacher had sinned.

Kids bit into the apple when their brains began to parch

So he taught them evolution was no crime.

(Image by Steven Marquezz)

(Image by Steven Marquezz)

Tracy, playing Darrow, fought the case upon the law,

In other words he posed as legislator.

But the facts were dead against him, so, ignoring

He pressed the ‘Vibe’ and showed the deeper flaw.

Equity would serve as mitigator;

And The Word would set the jury snoring.

Darwin at 7

Darwin at 7

Let us turn this lecture on its head,

We now have this plight entirely reversed.

It’s settled, Darwin’s most elegant theory

And the Solomonic wisdom is stone dead,

The cosmology in which children were versed

Is fairy dust, the dreams and dreamers weary.


(photo by Harvey McDaniel)

(photo by Harvey McDaniel)



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