Jimi – All is by My Side

Are you experienced?
Have you been experienced recently?

(Dir. John Ridley) (2013)

TVC is assured by B, a colleague with impeccable sources, that this film is not overly prone to truth, particularly in its styling of Hendrix as a violently jealous thug.  Without having any personal knowledge, we must say that his persona, as we recall it, does strike one as being more akin to, say, Sam Cooke than, say, Big Lurch.

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Whatever, our main fault with this film effort is that it is silly, and rather dull.  Whilst watching, TVC extemporized a new set of lyrics to be sung to “Hey Joe”:

Hey Jim,

They made a movie of your life But just a part of it,

Hey Jim,

All the English roses who want to be your wife Even though you treat them s**t,

‘I’m going out to shoot through, you know there’s nothin’ to it’,


Hey Jim,

You a quiet genius on guitar But a difficult, moody, sod sometimes, (yeah)

Hey Jimi,

You’re in a fast car In a military jacket, doing crimes,

Sullen in a bar Violent and subdued at times,

‘Yes I did, I let them shoot this wandering pastiche set in England in the Summer of Love

And they had a camera! They shot it!’


Hey Jimi,

Where are you gonna run to, where you going to be?

Hey Jimi,

Where you gonna run to, where you mean to be?

‘I’m going way down south

Where I can see that doco of ’73 (alright)

And be free,

No Hollywood premieres for me,

They’re not going to put a rope and millstone around me.’

[Update: 23 Brook Street, Mayfair, where Jimi lived in his London phase, is to be opened as a museum next to G.F. Handel’s rented digs at # 25.]


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