The Lily of the Valley Doesn’t Know

According to those who know these things, Friday’s colour is green which is surprising.  I was sure it would be black.

Green and I have a troubled relationship.  When I was a child I learned that it is bad luck to wear green, or at least too much green,  because the fairies consider it to be their colour.  No-one wants to upset the fairies.  Oh.  No.  You do NOT want to upset the fairies. So I don’t wear green (olive doesn’t count).  You think I go to far?  Consider – one of the regular customers of the  pharmacy in which I worked while at university would not even use a green pen to sign for her prescriptions. She tried not to touch anything green.

But I have wondered if the fairies would see it as an honour if people were to wear some green.   It is supposed to suit reddish-blondeish peeps with brown eyes, so I just don’t know. I am torn.


I  love the plant lily of the valley and it has some green bits. Speaking of fairies, the beautiful Lily of the Valley fairy at in this post is from  Cicely Mary Barker’s  ‘A Flower Fairy Alphabet’ book.  I have a Lily of the Valley board on Pinterest with absolutely gorgeous embroideries and patterns.  Do please have a look.  Here is the link. Visit Annabel Lee’s profile on Pinterest.

Of course, it is not an entirely harmless plant.  Just ask Walter White.

Frogs are green.  Here is my Kaffe Fassett frog cushion.  As I am no photographer it is a bit blurry.  I apologise to Mr Fassett.  Not for the blurry photo but for the ten or so minutes which I spent at a craft fair casually circling  him, with my mouth open, nonchalantly peeping at him out of the corner of my eye.   I desperately wanted to have him sign my copy of his book but I was too overawed at the sight of the real, actual, in-the-flesh genius himself to approach.


Now, for today’s Tarot I chose the Six of Batons (reversed) because it was the top card on the deck.  The card which I drew was, in my Muller pack, XI in the Major Arcana, “Force”.  However,  in the Rider Waite pack (pictured below) “Force” is VIII.  The reversed Six tells us that a current battle is likely to be lost and take note – it is more of a mental battle than anything else.  However, Force makes it clear that a new challenge is about to commence.

Our  thought-provoking lyric for today comes from Queen – “But the lily of the valley doesn’t know”.  It’s always perplexed me.  Huh?  Doesn’t know what?  It’s a flower. What?  Huh?

Peace.  Lesley



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