New Australians of the Year

The Council of The Wise has announced a new category of Australian of the Year. Those eligible for “New Australian of the Year” are those great men and women from foreign forebears or other shores, folks whose lives were the template for, and reflect, the current splendid diversity that forms the Australian nation.

Nominees can be alive or dead and must embody a facet of the country’s contemporary essence.

Categories were submitted to the 2020 Summit (April 2008, which was designed by Prime Minister Rudd to “help shape a long term strategy for the nation’s future.”) Since then, over the last 8 years, an ad hoc committee has hammered out a short list of categories, and nominees.

They are:

Lovable Rogues

Ned Kelly

Mark Read

Carl Williams

Man Monis








Famous Dills

Sir William McMahon

Julia Gillard

Philip Adams

David Morrison (ineligible: was actually an Australian of the Year)

Important Women

Julia Gillard

World-Class Artists

Arthur Boyd (ineligible, on aesthetic grounds)

Frederick McCubbin (ineligible, on aesthetic grounds)

Brett Whiteley (ineligible, on aesthetic grounds)

Driller Jet Armstrong


Social Reformers

Daniel Mannix

Margaret Court (ineligible – burned in effigy)

Visionaries / Seers

Ludwig Leichhardt

Kevin Rudd

Professor Tim Flannery (‘There are more things in heaven and earth, Tim, than are dreamt of in your philosophy…’)

[Portrait of Ludwig Leichhardt] [ca. 1850] The lithographic text in German which accompanies the picture is an excerpt from a letter to Leichhardt's brother-in-law in Prussia, dated Sydney, 18 April 1846, in which Leichhardt tells of his hero's welcome in Sydney as someone returned from the dead, and his plans from crossing the continent from east to west: "I hope to be on my way back from Swan River in two years' time. What I have in mind is to go up the Tropics, to make my way thence right across to the West coast of Australia in 22* or 23* of [South] latitude, and then to follow the coast southwards to Swan River. Sydney von 18th April 1846". Signed "Ludwig Leichhardt". (Translated in Aurousseau, "Letters of F. W. Ludwig Leichhardt", Hakluyt Society, 1968). This letter was published several times in Germany and later in translation in Sydney; it was publicly available in German from April 1847 when it appeared in part in Froriep's "Fortschritte der Geographie und Naturgeschichte" (Weimar). nla.pic-an21971599 Bib id vn2141886 Call number(s) * PIC PIC/3772 LOC Drawer 7681-7690 *

Multicultural Pathfinders

Arthur Calwell

Bruce Ruxton

Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Neil Prasad (ineligible: – just)

Australian Patriots

Wilfred Burchett

Arthur Gietzelt

Julian Assange (ineligible: sequestered)

Financiers and politicians who believe that “Economy is idealism in its most practical form”

(No eligible nominees)


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