Our First Caption Contest – Results

February 18, 2017 | Posted by Lesley Jakobsen | ART | 0 Comments |

We asked readers to suggest a caption to “The Love Letter” by Johannes Vermeer.

The Varnished Culture liked Al Taylor’s “Just let me finish my beer“, Sharona Altman’s “Do you wrap?,” Patricia Anne Carlisle’s joyous “Recess – time to play!” and of course the Picnic at Hanging Rock reference by anonymous: “My notice, ma’am.”

But the winners, the three best entries, were decided to be, in alphabetical order:

Jesse Luke: “My g string is a little tight.”

Alicia Webb: “It’s not what it looks like...”

Joe Webb: “My dear…It may have been silent…But you should go check your undies.”

(We liked the double entendre of the first, the enigma of the second and the scatology of the third.)

The winners will each receive the masterwork experimental novel, “Tranquility” by an in-house Varnished Culture scribbler.  As soon as we work out where you are.  The author is prepared to sign the copies, although that may lessen the re-sale value…

Congratulations – and thanks to all for your contributions.  As they say in the Olympics, it’s the taking part that counts.  And as with the Oscars, it’s honour enough to be nominated. Or as Graham Kennedy used to say at the Logies, “The winners can smile…and the losers have to.”

Victory on one wing

Victory on one wing

We’ll put up another painted image by an old master soon…due to the largesse of the Met in making their cavernous horde of works available free online, we now have many more to choose from.


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