Painted Saints and Martyrs

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As Cats are to the internet, so Saints were to the religiose and their artisans. Whether by miracle or martyrdom, these historical figures (a miniscule sample of whom are below) provide the anthropomorphic link between the carnal world and the beatific vision.

File:Sandro Botticelli - St Augustin dans son cabinet de travail.jpg

Saint Augustine in His Study by Botticelli

File:Le Grand Saint Michel, by Raffaello Sanzio, from C2RMF retouched.jpg

St. Michael (Raphael, 1518)

File:Michael Pacher 004.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

”Saint Augustine and the Devil” – Michael Pacher (c. 1471 – 1475)

“St Dominic” by El Greco

File:Right transept of San Francesco della Vigna (Venice) - Saint Lawrence of Rome.jpg

St. Lawrence of Rome (school of J. Tintoretto)

“The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian” by Rubens (c. 1601)

Camerino Triptych (Triptych of Saint Domenico) | Pinacoteca di Brera

Carlo Crivelli , “Pietro Martyr and Venanzio” (1482) [Showing St Peter’s various souvenirs]

File:Ambrogio lorenzetti, scene della vita di san nicola 01.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

“Scenes of the life of St Nicholas” by Ambrogio Lorenzetti ( c.1332) St. Francis of Solano Baptizing Indians by Johann Lucas Kracker - 18" x 24" Premium Canvas Print: Posters & Prints

Johann Lucas Kracker, “St. Francis of Solano Baptizing Indians” (1770)

Simeon the Stylite by Carel Willink St. Simeon Stylites Art Postcard / HipPostcard

Carel Willink – “Simeon, The Pillar Saint” (1939)

Jan Van Eyck - St. Elizabeth of Hungary | Jan Van Eyck: Virg… | Flickr

St Elizabeth of Hungary by Jan van Eyck (c. 1441)

File:Painting of Saint Antony with the donkey N 6 San Antone church Urtijëi.jpg

St. Anthony and the donkey

File:Grandes Heures Anne de Bretagne Saint Marc.jpg

St. Mark

File:Saint Catherine-Caravaggio (1598).jpg

“Saint Catherine of Alexandria” (Caravaggio) (c. 1598)



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