"All good things come to those who wait..."

(2014) (Dir. the Spierig Brothers)

The Brothers Coen or Karamazov they ain’t but this film grew on us, to be candid. Grumbling that the same mass can’t occupy different places on the temporal, spatial spectrum, yawning at yet another time-travel saga, we were snapped-out of our temporal ennui by some snappy performances. Ethan Hawke, often trapped in aspic as an actor (Dead Poets Society, Boyhood) is very good here in a challenging, multi-layered role (or should that be roles?). We’re not quite sure what to make of Sarah Snook (her essential other-worldliness is quite effective), but Shakespeare was right (once again) – it seems easier for a man to play a woman than the reverse. Noah Taylor is wasted in a supporting, expositionary role. But the hokey physics provide a nice premise – guilt and hassle-free avengement. The Varnished Culture‘s favourite time-travel yarn is the pulpy but sublime The Two-Timers; the best time-travel film is Primer. But this gets, sort-of, close.

"This thing writes itself"

“This thing writes itself”


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